Winter Solstice Secret Santa 2012
Welcome to the tumblr of Winter Solstice secret santa 2012!

With the posting of our last Secret Santa gift, we would like to conclude the Winter Solstice Secret Santa 2012-2013!

We apologize for the delay with some of the gifts, and thank everybody for their efforts, patience and understanding in the light of unforeseen unfortunate circumstances. Our special thanks to those who volunteered as back-up Santas.

We saw so much amazing awesome ATLA/LoK fanart this year, and without you guys none of this would have been possible. Thank you once again for joining us, for your enthusiasm and creativity, and we hope you guys enjoyed this event as much as we did. For next holiday season we can’t make any promises yet, but in case of a 2013 edition Winter Solstice Secret Santa we hope we may contact you once more for your wonderful participation.

Here’s to a great 2013!


Ming and Fior

Masters Sokka and Suki’s first grandchild receiving blessings from Yue the Moon.

Dear Secret Santa,
You know what makes me sad? That we never got to see much of what happened in between ATLA and LoK. Sure, we learned that Aang grew a beard, but really, besides that, what else do we know?? Did Sokka and Suki actually end up together? Did Zuko ever get to drive a Satomobile? (Was he a bad driver? I bet he was.) Did the swamp benders finally decide to wear pants?

So then, dear santa, my request for you is to enlighten me with visions of a post-ATLA pre-LoK world. Maybe some scenes depicting the older gaang hanging out just like the good old days.

~ happymascot

Hello, back up Santa here! Couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to draw some Suki and Sokka. Since I don’t want to be corrected by canon in the future, I decided to play it safe and draw them with their anonymous grandchild. I like to think that throughout their life together, Yue continued to be a big influence and inspiration to them. Hope you like it! And thank you for the wonderful ride we had together! <3

~ Ming

Dear Secret Santa,

If I had to be very honest the one impossible pairing that I REALLY LIKE is June (ATLA)/Tahno (LOK) in that order! Just an interaction between the two where June is obviously having NONE OF HIS BUSINESS… maybe Tahno’s trying to flirt with her? Or perhaps he’s utterly failed on said advances and June’s just giving that aura of, “pffff nice try.”

Hopefully those requests are manageable, thank you very much!


Message from your santa, shorelle:

Hi mintyburps, this is your back-up santa here! :) June and Tahno would make a really sassy crack pairing (so much fabulous hair in one place!!) Perhaps they could meet at some time-travelling bar, where Tahno tries and fails to hit on June with his waterbending-plus-bartending skills XD I hope you like it (and thank you for your patience with the gift)!

Dear Santa,

My request is for Korra and Noatak to give Tarrlok a big hug!


Message from your santa, happymascot:

Heeyyy IsisT! Sorry this is late, but this is a sort-of collaboration with me and your first santa, hinokit. Remember this preview? She made the sketch and I finished it as your backup santa. :) (Hope I did your work justice Hino!)

Anyway, we hope you like it!

Dear Secret Santa

I would really love to see some Korra and Asami best friends interaction, like maybe a riding around on Naga and looking fabulous, Asami teaching Korra how to drive, I’m not too particular on any specific mood/action.

Whatever you make (even if you decide you hate everything on this list hurp), thanks a bunch!


Message from your santa, waterwalker98:

I really enjoyed it and drawing pictures of Korra and Asami getting along is always a blast. They’re both amazing ladies and should definitely become way better friends~

(mod edit: also on the artist’s tumblr here)

Dear Secret Santa,

I’d like to see Korra and Asami chillin’ and having a jam session playing guitars and bein’ cute. Maybe something like a rock band AU. Being cute friends!!

Thank you secret santa! I hope you have fun with these!!!


Message from your santa, polapaz321:

Happy New Year! I hope you like it.


Dear Secret Santa,
I’d like anything with Lin Beifong, because mah gawd.
I’d be super duper over-joyed with Linorra art, but it isn’t a must. Or Linsami, or even combining them all and making glorious Linorrasami.

~ Octosquiddle

Message from your Santa, drcaligari / camaryllis:

I’m really really sorry I’m running late on submitting this picture! Because of the holidays I’ve been tied down with spending time w/ family and literally haven’t found time to draw at all. I hope this is still ok. Here’s my submission for my secret santa! 

Dear Secret Avatar Santa,

I’m feeling nostalgic for the grand old days of ATLA fandom, and that means I’m pining for art of my guilty-pleasure slash ship: Jet and Zuko. Basically anything with the two of them interacting in a not-entirely-negative manner would do! Doesn’t even have to be shippy! Ba Sing Se freedom fighting AUs are a particular weakness of mine, but I also love love love modern AUs of all varieties, so feel free to be as silly and self-indulgent as you like!


Message from your santa, happymascot:

Surprise! :D I really liked your idea of a Ba Sing Se AU, so I thought, it would be really cool to have an AU where grownup Jet and Zuko run the Jasmine Dragon together during the day and dish out  DaiLi/fire nation butt-kicking vigilante justice as freedom fighters after hours. Without Jet knowing Zuko’s fire nation, of course. :p


 Anyway, hope you like it!

Dear Secret Santa,
I’d like any character in the avatar universe :D My favourite would still be Lin, Korra, Asami, Tenzin, Bolin, all the GAang from the Last Airbender (at any age !), Azula, Mai, Tai-Lee and even platypus bears !!!

Thanks a lot ! ~ Zellk

Message from you Santa, beroberos:

Happy New Years and belated Christmas! I’ve seen a lot of your Toph/young Lin work, so I thought I’d stick with the trend. Hope ya like it and have a wonderful rest of your holidays! 8)

Dear Secret Santa,
I’d like any sort of festive or cuddly scene with either Lin/Tenzin or members of the Gaang in their young adult years (I like all of them in varying combinations so you can just choose your favorite pairings!).

Thank you! ~ minuiko

Message from your Santa, Quillery/ Quillart:

Even though everyone in the Gaang would be super busy with all their various responsibilities in their young adult years, I love the idea of everyone getting back together a couple times a year for Avatar-world holidays. So I imagined Mai and Zuko on their way to attend a big festival at one of the poles—Mai isn’t a fan of the cold, but firebending is an easy fix for that!
Hope you like it, and happy new year! :D  - quillery